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  Anonymous said:
16-chan, honestly most people continue to look like a teenager throughout their early 20's. i think lolita looks really lovely and elegant on adults. not all teenagers are awkward, but Lord knows i was, and im glad i didnt get into lolita until after i'd blossomed into a beautiful young woman <3

Thank you for your input, anon!♪ ~Admin ケ-キ (kēki)

  Anonymous said:
This is to the 16 year old. It's harder if you are into pastel sweet styles, most of the age hate has to do with older women wearing sweet and people will try to force them into more "mature" styles. I am 27 and own only Angelic Pretty, I dress for myself and no one else. If you worry about what others think or say, you will never be happy. We are all getting older, all of the people who hate on older lolitas are getting older. No point in worrying, we will all meet the same fate in the end.

That’s incredibly true. Thank you for your input, anon!♪ ~Admin ケ-キ (kēki)

  Anonymous said:
Part 2: Older women in general are looked down on in our youth obsessed society, unfortunately. Younger women will always be favored no matter what we wear, society is always telling women how they should dress once they are 30,40, 50, etc. I cant post links but look up Lovely Lor on youtube, she has a great video about lolita and age called "Will you dress like that when you're old?".

Thank you for your input, anon!♪ ~Admin ケ-キ (kēki)

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