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Anonymous asked: Please forgive me if this has been answered before, but where is the side gif from?

It is a image of Angelic Pretty’s designers Maki & Asuka. It was apparently featured in a show called “Inside The Human Body”. ~Admin ケ-キ (kēki)

Anonymous asked: While I do think plus sized girls should join lolita if they like it, I have to disagree with lovelyribbonb when she says 42-35-40 is not plus sized. A stick thin girl will be <=26" waisted, a healthy to chubby girl will usually have 27"-32" waist, with varying bust and hip measurements depending on genetics. But with >40" bust and a 35" waist, she is definitely plus sized. :/ And then plus sized in the fashion industry is size 12+ (28"+ waist).

So, I dropped the ball again!♫ (Confession, Ask) ~Admin ケ-キ (kēki)

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